Phlex360 Lifestyle

“...this product now has the potential to increase the efficiency at which people exercise, provide alternatives to existing workouts, and encourage a healthy lifestyle.”

-MIT Center for Sports Innovation

PHLEX Your Workout

PHLEX Your Lifestyle






The Phlex360 Body suit allows users to exercise both their upper and lower bodies through regimented workouts, rehabilitation, athletic performance or daily movements.  This provides:

  • A workout without the need of free weights or separate equipment.

  • Increase the efficiency at which people exercise

  • Provide alternatives to or enhancement of existing workouts

  • Encourage healthy lifestyle

  • a workout without

The Phlex360 Body Suit can be used in moderate or extreme workouts and athletics fo.  The Body Suit can be used while:

  • Fitness walking

  • Weight Training

  • Jogging/Running

  • Use of Cardiovascular Machine

  • Swimming

  • Aerobics

  • Bicycling-stationary